Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check out my grill my peeps, tis my birthday with the new biters.

Twas my birthday yesterday. You were all super fabulous. Miss. Ellie you wrapped up your lovely glass doll and gifted it to me. I was so stunned since this doll sleeps with you every night. Thank you!!! Your wrapping of the doll was superb - you are a mini Martha "that's a good thing" hahahahaha. Ok you won't get that, but Martha over uses that phrase.

(Please make a note of the above cake. Tis the Groundhog cake. You know the one dad gets every year and is like, "This is the BEST CAKE EVER." and forgets that it is the SAME freaking cake he gets every year. Well this year he remembered that he has gotten this cake for the last 6 years. Phew.)

On to you Miss P. You had mucho forethought. You made me a cookie out of clay a MONTH ago. Wow! Nice planning. The cookie was great and very colorful!

Mr. Babbitt you, my friend, out did yourself. You hired John, the "famous ar-tist" to paint a series of Spanish art for my front room. I LOVE THEM!!!!

Children, you will remember that I named our house this year - Val Kill Orchard. You may remember that this was because I read about Eleanor Roosevelt naming her house Val Kill Cottage after one of the first all female run factories. Since I am a wee bit pro-lady power, I found this name applicable for my home.

I LOVE that the paintings have my house name in Spanish on it - - - Val Muerte!!!! You are so thoughtful my pirate! Gracias
Here is the final product of thy teeth!!! I LOVE THEM DR. MORRIS!!!!

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