Monday, March 8, 2010



You and One have always loved reading!! He is more of a series type a kid and you skip around from series to series never finishing one. You are also a lightening fast reader - it sort of boggles ones' mind. (can I insert here that I had a dream last night that some random English teacher pointed out all of my grammar errors on my blog. Yuck. How sad that I dedicated some of my precious dreaming time to a nasty teacher. Suck it proper grammar and punctuation.) Back to you young reader; you found a series that you can't get enough of. It is Molly Moon. Grandma Wenzel was nice enough to pick you up the latest one you needed to read. When you were explaining to grandma the series this is what you said (old lady),

"This series is so good. It is such a treasure."

You said TREASURE. You are 10 not 90. I LOVE IT!!!!

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