Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear Children,

The year is 2010. We live in Arizona. Usually this is a GREAT thing. This week we passed an immigration law that is really scary. If someone "looks" illegal they will get pulled over and asked for papers. So if you are born into a family with any pigment in your skin there is a possibility you may look illegal to whomever is one duty that day. Whoa, yes I typed that. Crazy - I know it is like a step back in the Civil Rights movement.

(Let me stop and say "we" because when you vote and are a participant in the political process you have to claim "we" when a law is passed. This is unfortunate a LOT of the time. I really don't want to claim "WE" when it comes to many laws.)


1. If I was born in a 3rd world country and wasn't educated would I do whatever it takes to feed my children? - - - - YES
2. Do I understand that when people aren't educated they don't always understand the laws of their own country - let alone another one. YES
3. Do I understand that it takes YEARS to become a citizen and one has to be in their country of origin to start the paperwork? YES
4. Do I also understand that Ronald Reagan granted amnesty in the 80's and he was a Republican? YES
5. Do I think that granting amnesty to the large illegal population would solve our diminishing middle class problem (which if you listened in government you would know is essential for a democracy) - YES
6. Do I know the history of the scum (I know that sounds harsh, but give it a second.) that wrote the bill for Arizona. YES.

Russel Pearce sent out an email to his staff/and friends talking about White people being dominant and slamming Jewish people. No I am not kidding. Seriously, you can read it. Yes, people voted him into office. Yes, this is re-enforcing my plight for educating people. He also enlisted the help of a Midwest organization called FAIR,who also believes in White supremacy, to assist him with the verbiage in the 1070 legislation.

7. It is so important to listen and learn. It is essential to travel the world and understand all religions, races, and cultures. EDUCATE yourselves. Please take advantage of your education. It is so essential that I can't emphasize it enough. Am I panicking right now? Do I feel like there is a flood and I am running around trying to find a boat and stick you guys in it?

(Ok, I just took a brief moment to calm down and watch the Today Show. Do you think that they understand that Willard Scott is now handicapable?)

8. Do I think there is going to be craziness pulling people over that are U.S citizens just because they are Hispanic/Latino? - - YES

9. Do I think it is interesting that quite a few of my facebook friends have built their business using economic illegal labor or their parents did - and are speaking out about legal Americans getting the illegals jobs. -YES. Why didn't they hire legal Americans in the first place? Why did they think it was ok to hire illegal aliens to perform the work for their companies if it is so wrong.

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