Monday, April 12, 2010


You guys know how much your mama loves her therapy!! It was humorous the other day when you, Miss. Paige, said that the cartoon Ni Hao Ki Lan is like therapy for kids. She figures out that someone is upset or having a hard time and then they get together, or ask the Grandpa for advice, and decide how to handle the situation. Heehee that's awesome. So this morning I couldn't stop laughing when this happened:

Let's set the scene - Picture your lovely mother slaving in the kitchen creating smoothies and egg sandwiches.

C: "Mom, this smoothie is watery."

P: "Mom, mine has too much banana."

Mom: "Stop bitching and look on the super bright side."

C: "(mouth open) You totally just said a bad word."

Mom: "No it's not a bad word. It just means whining. Let's all say, "What What - my mom is super and I love my smoothie. I'm soooo happy I GOT to have a smoothie today."

P: "You know mom, you do counseling Way different than Ni Hao Ki Lan."


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Allison LeBaron said...

OMG!!!! I could not stop laughing!!!!! STILL LAUGHING!