Thursday, April 8, 2010

Amelia Bedelia

I had a moment last night. I was reading Amelia Bedelia to you (Elle and Ava).

So I have always been aware that everyone has different perspectives on reality. I may interpret a situation different than you how you perceive the exact same situation. The event occurred one way, but we saw it differently based on our emotional health.

What got me was putting it in terms of one Miss. Amelia Bedelia. How funny to see how EVERYONE sees that she is off her rocker, yet she has no clue. I am incorporating this into my life and I am advising you to think about it. Let me give some examples so that you understand it doesn't necessarily mean someone may be Amelia just because they don't interpret all things literally.

Example 1

When I tell an employee that they need to be at work by 8; I mean show up before the clock says 8:00am - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Employee then shows up for work at 8:10, 8:15, 8:07...........

When asked when he could start showing up for work on time he didn't know what we were talking about. The traffic is always bad and he has to drop off his daughter at school.

Do you see how he sees it COMPLETELY different than 95% of the population?

Example 2:

Your dad and I were running this morning. We took a new route and saw a house with a garage that had animal skulls all over the roof. (I literally mean the whole roof, muy bones) This is when your padre turns to me and says,

"Do you think people would get it if there were a species that hunted humans for sport and hung our heads on their walls and placed our bones in the backyard for decor?"

I could go on and on with examples to illustrate my point. I actually may add examples everyday - little Amelia life lessons. I am also not claiming perfection. I too have had some A.B moments. The important part is recognizing them.

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