Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nate Goes on his TRIP

So your dad has been on a Mandate for the last 4 days - yearly Coachella. I'm assuming from the random text messages I get from him,

"How much do you miss me? Do you love me a lot?"

that he is having a great time and misses us a bit!!! We have had quite the weekend ourselves.......................ok, not really.

1. I went out with April Friday night. H&M and then dinner at North. Lovely time!!
2. Saturday night we met up with Jen Martin and her gang for ice cream. Great crew. Claire is always super happy, Charlie is so funny, Jack very cute and reserved and handsome Will was not feeling very well. Ava forgot to wear underwear. She also let a LARGE bunch of balloons go (not ours) up into the sky. She also had one of the best ass cream mustache/beard combos I have ever seen. Charlie gave her a run for the money.

No I did not make a mistake with the ass cream, Tis what you call it #4. Your sister Paige thinks this is down right!!! She walks you around the house and asks you what your favorite desert is.

3. We met April and her kids for breakfast this morning. Turns out a medium grassy hill is better than just about any playground equipment.
4. We watched the Blind Side this afternoon and cried like .............Auntie Kimmy when she watches a deoderant commercial, or a Zyrtec commercial, or a Time Life ad.

Tonight at dinner this is what you said to me #2,

Paige: "Mom. Let's say you had 6 boys and 1 girl. 3 of the boys were older and had their own kids and didn't live at home anymore. 2 of the boys were teenagers and 1 of them was 4, no I mean 5. Then you give birth to a little girl. Two years later dad is out in the woods hunting a bear when he gets killed. WHAT DO YOU DO? Right away, what would you do????""

At first I thought this was going to be a math question; like - - - - what is the average age of the boys if you added then up and then divided them by how many cousins they had. OR How old will the daughter be when her mom fully completes menopause? You of course threw me for a loop. Such an elaborate story for a "what would you do if dad got eaten by a bear."

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