Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You are 12 (I am crying as I type this)

I can't stop crying. I have never cried over anyone's birthday before - including my own. You, my child, are 12 and I feel like you will be leaving me to cleave to your new lady any day now. Hot Tamale young man you are ancient. Don't leave me. No, I didn't just say/type that. Yes I did. No, I'm not a crazy mom. Ok maybe I am. Is it weird that the only thing you asked for was for me not to cry on your birthday? Maybe.

Your dad purchased some remote control cars for you (and him) for your birthday. These were a LARGE investment!!!! I mean the price of my second car large (keep in mind my second car was a Dodge Omni that I had to push out of a parking space b/c there was no reverse) You, your dad, and ALL of your dad's friends have been racing non-stop.

All of you are so super handsome!!! Love you

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