Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mexican Fiesta

A couple of weeks ago we had a MEXICAN FIESTA. It was such a great time!! Jen and Charlie came, Kim-Dave ---or KAVE and the kids came, and of course The Uncle Danny. We dressed up - and added lip sweaters to our attire. It was so debonair!! You can see in the first picture the lights The Captain hung in the backyard for "the event". Thank you Don Poncho. Yes, children did you know that your grandparents almost named your padre PONCHO. No, I am not kidding. Apparently when you are born on Poncho Via Dia it means that you need to take on the name. Not sure what happened on the way to register the birth, but THANK HEAVENS he was named Nathaniel and not Poncho.

Ava and Charlie were super into their angel food cake with strawberries. Little Charlie you look just like your mama. It is a little funny to look back at pictures of Jen and I in high school and fast forward to our youngest babies grunting and eating desert at my kitchen counter.

Why Miss. E. You really loved your moose-tache. You and your best friend here disappeared most of the evening doing ????? I never really know what you guys are up to.

1. Potato bug farm (this is made in a container that I usually make salsa in)
2. Apply faux tattoos to ones bum. (Yes this happened yesterday)
3. Fill up the bathroom sink and see how long a tampons float.

My best version of a Spanish shirt. Notice the flower in my lovely locks. I felt muy bonita, that is until I looked past my waist to my skirt that looked like I borrowed it from a sturdy Swedish grandma.

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Alpha Monkey said...

4. Midget wrestling. (See Kim in the background.)