Saturday, January 15, 2011


That was the response to the UNVEILING of the daily "attitude" prize. TIS a full length, body, furry pillow. Not just furry mind you; it is soft like crawling back into your mama's sacred womb. It is soooo lovely soft that you are all clamoring for it - - - - everyday. At times, ok - most times, the contest backfires on me with all of you being what I like to term "buttheads". Do I say this to your face - um maybe. You guys like to point out what the other person is doing wrong. THIS DEFEATS THE PURPOSE.

So, we are revamping the contest a bit. No tattle tailing or you are out for the day. I loved being on vacation with Eric and Renee and witnessing how they put there feet down about tattle tailing. I am ON BOARD with this venture. I am going to call you a snitch and make you wear a hat so that my memory doesn't betray me later in the day. It will be done in a really kind voice where I kind of sing, "There once was a snitch from Mesa - Who had a malfunctioning cabeza - they wanted the award - and almost scored - .................................................................ahhhh nothing else rhymes with Mesa. " Since I am not a name caller I won't really do this. I just love an opportunity for a limerick. Even a half completed one.

I am excited to see how this new rule impacts the "stress-free" zone I have established in our house. OHHH I have another idea - we are only going to whisper every Wednesday. It tends to be the most hurried day of the week. I think it will make everyone listen more - because you will have to. AWESOME!!!!

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