Friday, January 7, 2011


Carpool yesterday was beyond hil - ar-- i i i i i ours. As soon as Bryce and Erica got in the car laughter ensued. OVER NOTHING. Then the "jokes" started.

Bryce: "Why did the dog not go to dog school?"

Erica: "Why"

Bryce: "Because he didn't have legs."


Ava: "Why did the dogs not have legs? Hahahahahahahaha."

Bryce: "I don't get it."

Erica: (whispering) "That is her joke."
I meant to discuss some of Uncle Danny's experiences we witnessed during the holidays. He of course, was soooo funny. He called Uncle Mark a racist and threw away a Christmas ornament he was given right in front of said person.
This year we went to Nana and Papa's new church. I tend to over emphasis my slow talk with Danny when we are around strangers. I think if people understand that he is mentally handicapped they won't get upset when he does something "different". He had couple of shout-outs during the church service. He was SO nervous the whole time because he thought he was betraying his church. When they asked for volunteers for a skit they did during the sermon he raised his hand the whole time. It was very cute how happy/nervous he was. When it came to the candle lighting portion of the service he turned to me and said:

Danny: "Is this like the sacrament?"

Me: I'm thinking. It might be best if he not have fire."Yes, it is like that."

After the first song he turned to me and grabbed his candle and had me help him light it.

30 seconds after that he started crying. Not a soft or quiet cry. It was a sobbing like his heart was broken. As he was sobbing he started to sit down and the candle started to hit the chair in front of him. Auntie Kimmy and I both lunged for it and I blew it out as it hit the upholstery. He sat there and cried for the next minute. LOUD. He was so moved by the candles and the song that he broke. You know how when Kim and I see someone crying we start crying. AHHHH we both stared at each other and saw the other one barely holding it together and the ugly cry starting. Thank heavens the song ended and we were able to keep it together. I know we all realize that Uncle Danny is a child stuck inside an adult's body, but this was so real and perspective was immediate.

On a random note I found this picture on a blog yesterday. Fanciness. If we were to implement the HOT / CRAZY scale as specified on How I Met Your Mother I would venture a guess that this bug would be ..........................................................Es Muy Loco.

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