Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beardy Spice

El Cap i tan has been taking his title seriously as of late and grew himself a ...........................beard. He now looks like the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart. I keep trying to explain to him that it is not a look that will assist him in life. Crop the homeless beard and get yourself a hot scruffy beard.

Beardy Spice got himself an ear infection this week and blew out both of his eardrums. Yes, your father figure is now partially deaf. AWWWEEESSSOOMEEE. I love that. He now just nods all the time and I feel like he is participating in the process of decision making, and yet, I seem to not get any arguments regarding the directions I take.

I dragged all of your back sides to South Mountain on Sunday for a wee hike. The picture above is our resting stop on top of a hill. It was a great time. I must say that I was a bit nervous the whole time; diligently watching for rattlesnakes.

This is the day I lost my patience. I am pissed at her (probably because I don't have any patience). I keep singing Hall and Oats, "She's gone, Oh why, Oh why...." I am hoping she really misses me and sneaks back in the middle of the night. I will at first play hard to get,

"I don't know if we can make it work. No, you left me remember....................Fine, get over here and give me a hug. Girl, I missed you like no ones business."

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