Monday, January 17, 2011


WE are addicted to ....................Angry Birds. Your dad is sitting next to me and for the last HOUR he has been screaming at the ipad. Here is my therapy lesson to you children - - - Sometimes mindless play is TOTALLY appropriate. If it takes over your day - or night - then tis not ok. Since 2 of you went to sleep over at Grandma's last night and came home after getting sick; your dad and I need a little "down time". Three weeks of almost everyone being sick and saying things like,

Carter, "I'm going to die."
Paige, "My eyes are on fire."
Your father, "I need you to rub my head and massage my feet so I can not notice my eardrums are bleeding."
Ava, "AHHHHH. AHHHHH. I am grumpy. I don't have a remote in my body so I can't control myself." (If I were to vote I would say this one was my favorite.)

Aside from the fact that you (Ellie) Spewed your puke all over Grandma and Grandpa's minivan; the funniest thing that happened is:

You (Ellie) were explaining that your stomach hurt to your grandparents last night. Your grandpa told you that he thought you were making it up to be able to stay up late. This morning you said, "Can I call grandpa and say "I told you so."?" I said no of course, but when grandpa dropped something off later you ensured that you said, "Do you believe me now?" I wasn't there for this, but if your translation is any indicator I can only assume it was SUPER SASSY.

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Allison LeBaron said...

so are we (addicted) John and I play most night while in bed....shhhh, don't tell the kids :)