Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter - We actually had to wear coats this year

We had a few adults over for some radiating fun the other night. Check out your father, Cody, and Adam jamming to your "Just Dance 2" game. Your dad has some moves - damn. I can't remember who won, but Ehren was able to sit on the couch and wave the remote and had a high score.

Earlier that day Amphony (this is how you say his name #4) showed up for the FIRST TIME EVER WITHOUT HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!!!! He was not scared of me anymore and he WANTED to talk to me the WHOLE TIME. I am unsure of what significant event happened that changed the paradigm mini Dave lives in. I welcome this new mindset. I HEART it. I believe you HEART it also Ava. Check out the look on your face in the below picture:

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