Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bed Time with #4

Last night we read Rolie Polie Ollie AGAIN. Questions following the book:

Ava, "Mom, will the sun burn me up while I lay in my bed."

Me, "No."

Ava, "Will the sun come down and lay next to me?"

Me, "No, the sun stays in the sky."

Ava, "Darn it, how bout the moon?"

I read this book thinking, "Man, what I would give to be Uncle Gizmo. He has a sweet hairdo, awesome bike, speaks like Elvis, and is super happy and rhymey. " Instead of this you wonder if the sun will burn you up OR if the sun will be a friend and spoon you to sleep.

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cadi said...

I'm so impressed you kept up with your blog! I haven't been a great blog checker for awhile now. So every once in awhile I go snoop around. My nephew Sam texted my husband today and said he got a job at Babbitt Motor Werks! He's moving all the way down from Washington for the job. He's so excited! I moved to Lehi too- haven't see you around.