Monday, January 10, 2011

Patience - I will miss you dearly

(This is me)

Dear Young Lives that I will forever impact,

My endless supply of patience ended abruptly this weekend. I was all "Hey, get back here. Where the heck did you go? You can't leave me like this. No, we can't be just friends. I need you. You will regret this. "

I was fairly irritable by some of your tudes and therefore we have a new plan in place here at the La Casa Val Muerte. (Remember how this doesn't mean house of death. Remember how I LOVE Eleanore Roosevelt's progressive stance on woman. Remember how she headed up the first ALL FEMALE RUN FACTORY? Hallelujahhhhh. It was named Val Kill Factory and then she named her residence Val Kill Cottage and then I named my house the Spanish version La Casa Val Muerte. (Wow, run-on sentence award recipient---------ACCCCEpted)

So the change at La Casa Val Muerte is ...................................

I will be purchasing something today that the person with the best ATTITUDE everyday will receive for the evening. I am unsure what said award will be - mayhaps the world's most comfortable pillow, a lovely smelling eye night patch, socks that rub your feet all night - I am really excited to go out and find something that will have all of you drooling.

Wish me muy luck. I will be donning a scarf like the photo above this fancy letter. Picture me out scouring Goodwill and the trash can looking like a star.

Love you all,


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