Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 3 and Day 2

Day 3 - Carter you are muy obsessed with Alcatraz. You each were given $20 to spend on the trip. You have had to be extremely careful with your purchases with forethought to what you may encounter in the days to come. C - you chose to purchase this $8 hat and haven't taken it off since.


Standing at the Pier 39 checking out the ocean and Alcatraz. #4, you posed with extreme passion. You kept lifting your leg for pictures.

We purchased a day pass for the trolley. Check me out mid-sentence. Nice camera work #1.


Day 2 was comprised of us driving from Seal Beach to San Francisco. Not a bad drive - 7 hours (the last hour was stand still traffic at the Bay Bridge). So when we left Seal at 9:30am we headed off on I-5 (eventually) toward the promised land. Our first pit stop was at a Chevron 2 hours out of town. Not sure where exactly we were, but the Chevron grumper made sure I knew.

Me, "Hi, can I buy this gatorade and water. I just want to make sure we are on the right path. There was a fork in the freeway a bit back; I want to ensure that is the I-5"

Grumper, "Yes, and the sky is so smoggy because (yelling) too many people move here and their cars pollute the sky and there are no jobs for them here. We are at 18.5% unemployment and THERE ARE NO JOBS. They need to stop coming here and go home."

Me, "Awesome. Chipper up. Bye."

As this was happening to me your dad was "waiting in line" for a bathroom that you didn't need to wait in line for. There were 3 stalls in the b.r. but some 50something man was blocking the door indicating to The Captain that it was full. A few minutes into the wait the man leaned in to dad and asked,

50 yr old man, "1 or 2"

Captain, "I have 4 kids."

50 yr old man, "No, 1 or 2?"

Captain, " It is just me and my son so 2."

50 yr old man, "1 or 2."

At this point the guys 80 yr old father walked out of the bathroom and your dad noticed that it had 3 stalls and there was no point in ignoring this guys poo or pee question anymore.

WE FOUND THE MOST AMAZING PLACE. It is called Harris Ranch. It belongs to some old farmer dude who (my our rough calculations is worth close to........... 1 billion $. Please think that with a Dr. Evil accent) He owns 18,000 acres of farm land. He owns 100,000 cattle that are ready for slaughter. He owns thorough bred horses that he races. He owns this restaurant and hotel that we ate at. It was PACKED. Seriously, it was like Harrisland. All of the food is locally grown and the meat comes from his cattle. The food was delicious. Everything that everyone ordered was amazing. Not just a little amazing - you all licked your plates.

The ride was fairly uneventful until we arrived at the Bay Bridge. 1 hour wait mijos. Hot Damn it was not a fun wait.

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Nana said...

I knew that Carter would love ALcatrez. Looks like you are having a great time, It is so fun to look at the photos of places that we have visited and now you all are enjoying them AND MORE!! Love you all!!