Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DAY 5 - San Luis Obispo and Heaven on Earth

We left SFO around 10:00am and the Captain was super grateful. Turns out he+SFO=demon baby. We (all 4 of you and myself) sang gospel songs in praise of Jesus when your dad had an exorcism after leaving SFO. (I am sitting in heaven on earth right now writing this and Nathan/Captain is back and demon baby is gone and he is taking a bath. Yes, I believe this is the 1st bath I have EVER seen him take. Turns out when your body houses a monster it is SUPER draining.)

Let me first say, "Welcome back Nathan. We all missed you dearly."

We drove to San Luis Obispo ( I don't know how to spell that City and am too lazy to google it) for lunch. SUPER cute town. I loved the sandwich shop we found and enjoyed walking around their downtown area. It was rather funny that when we found a parking garage we were ready for SFO pricing and were taken completely by surprise. Instead of $2.50 for every 20 minutes it was 60 for free and then 75cents an HOUR. I believe your dad shouted "BROTHA finally got a break."

We left SLO and headed for El Captain Canyon. (Funny, your dad just came in after his bath and said, "I feel so much better after washing the Devil of SFO out of my hair." ) So El Captain Canyon is AMAZING. I spoke with Auntie Kimmy a couple of times this evening and she pinned it

It is like a summer camp designed for adults. Uber cute cabins/tents/yurts, amazing grassy areas, a heated pool, a great kid playground, trees everywhere, a General Store that brings you dinner, 5min walk to the beach, a yurt where there is a massage therapist, a volleyball net/grassy area, Ok I could keep going, but I will just highlight some:

1. They pass out kid and adult bikes everyday. FOR FREE
2. You call the General Store and they DELIVER dinner that you then cook on your fire. Tonight we ordered
4 hamburgers with tons of toppings
2 chicken thighs
1 loaf of bread
1 tin container of beans
1 large tin container salad with dressing (really good by the way)
4 sparkling water bottles (you could choose something else- we are way snobby)
and a FREAKING bag to make smores with pokey things to cook them with for

......................$60.00........There was even anyone to tip. It was in our fridge after our walk. Guess what, in SFO that meal would have been $160.00

Add to all of this -----------------4 baby deer in our yard just hanging out.

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