Thursday, October 21, 2010


Our final day we left Santa Barbara and headed toward Tia Allie and Uncle John's house. It was a 2 hour drive. We arrived to a gorgeous modern style house. Super cute!!! We were given a tour of the house and then treated to an awesome lunch. I LOVE Tia ALLIE!! Then we were treated to a visit from Tia Cecelia. She is amazing and dropped off a copy of her latest book for me to read. Uncle John came home for a bit and chatted with dad. (He wears really cool shoes to work!)
Finally, baby Will woke up and I was able to hold him. He is yummy.

We left their house at 3pm and arrived home around 9:30. There was some major traffic all the way to Palm Springs. There was some major TV watching going on in the car on the way home. Some arguments from you - Miss. A - regarding the Karate Kid being a young man. According to you, "That is a little girl. Stop telling me that it's a boy. That little girl is very pretty." Arguments persue. "Mom, what is that little girl's name?" At this point the movie introduces young Mr. Smith as Dre. Miss. A, "Nevermind, her name is Dre. She is a girl." This last part was done with a smirk directed at your siblings.

Great time everyone. Thanks for the good times.

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Allison LeBaron said...

awwwww. i love you guys! And am so glad you came!