Thursday, October 28, 2010


A couple of years ago Grandpa Babbitt needed some quick cash so your dad bought his inheritance. (As a side note: you will not be inheriting ANY MONEY. I know I put this out there on a weekly basis, but I thought I might put this in stone by writing it in your memory blogbook. Not to say that you aren't all FABULOUS!! The thing is:

1. We will spend all of OUR money. Oh, young children of little money. what pitiful amount of money I am able to save from your vintage car buying father - will be used to put up my senior citizen feet. Can you even imagine how many Ecuadorian village people it will take to saw off the callouses on my feet?

2. I really think it is muy important that you earn your own.

3. If you are desperate I suggest you try your hand at the lottery. I've heard the odds are super good.

Back to the truck. It has sat in the back of the truck for the last 2 years. Recently dad brought it in to the body shop and had some work done on it. It is pretty much done and here is the end result!!

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