Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paige Birthday #11

We had parent teacher conferences this week. Paige, my darling, you had to write us a letter from 20 years in the future. This is your letter (spelling, punctuation, and all):

Dear Mom & Dad,

I'm single 31 and have adopted twins from Europe. I also own three injured dogs from a shelter in Russia. When I went to Hawai I found 2 injured sea turtle babies wich now live in my pool. While I was on the Galapagos Island I saved a baby iguana from falling off a branch to its death but I caught him. While at Brazil I found a baby boa constrictor who is very tame and would never hurt a fly. Now you know all of my family.

My job is to travel the world and learn new recipes for my restaurant. Guess what my restaurant is five stars. I make my own recipes to. In Germany I learned how to make yummy German pancakes with peanut butter in it. While in Spain I learned how to make spicey omelets. At Wisconsin I learned how to make many delicous cheeses. Now you know my job.

Mom &Dad I thank you so much for so many things I can't even tell you all of them. Here are a couple. First of all, I thank you for being there when I needed you. Next, I just love that you taught me how to cook Mom. Finally I loved to spend time with you dad at the shop. So thanks Mom and dad for all of your help over the years.



When your teacher read this she said, "Sincerely? Really?" You looked at her like she had food in her teeth. I really don't understand the whole Wisconsin thing. "At Wisconsin" what is that? How do you even know what a 5 star restaurant is? Your dad and I have had long discussions regarding the first line of your letter. Is it that you are SUPER self confident and don't fill up thy brain with anything other than school, friends, and cooking? or Is it that boys haven't crossed your radar yet? I am curious to see how this one ends up.

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Allison LeBaron said...

I laughed for a long time over the first line too. LOL!
Love the letter. I hope my school does this with my kids when they are older. This is a keeper!!!