Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your teeth were in trouble and Dr. Morris saved you.

I noticed a cavity on the outside of your tooth. Not kidding. I saw it with my ojos. You know it es bad when one's ojos can spot the problem. (you just leaned over my shoulder while I'm writing this and said, "I did soooo good Mama)
Guess what. You did do sooooooo good. I done like to teach you good grammar. Actually it is a funny mirror you put in front of my face some times. Today for example. You had school pictures and when I said,

Mom, "Ava, how were your pictures today?"

Ava, " Mom, I did my best and gave my biggest smile."

This was followed by a bone crushing hug you gave my nose.

Ava, "Mom, Guess what? Dr. Morris said not to suck my thumb anymore and I decided not to."

Funny thing is that when dad approached you about sucking your thumb this is what happened:

Dad, "Hey A, Dr. Morris said that sucking your thumb is hurting your teeth. I need you to not put it in your mouth anymore."

A, "Ok. (you then feign putting your thumb in your mouth. You act like your mouth is glued shut and you poke your thumb around your face like your mouth will never let it in again) Look I can't do it anymore."

It has been 2 nights and you haven't sucked your thumb since.

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