Friday, October 8, 2010

El Captain Birthday

It was dad's birthday this week. He is now 39. I appreciate those guns he is showing off in this picture. He received many a gifts from you guys. Some random egg beater thingy that scratches one's head. A phone case - yellow. 3 pairs of socks, some underwears, and undershirts. Wow! He raked in the presents this year.

He did walk around everywhere we went with a "Who would Jesus Deport" t-shirt. It was interesting to watch the reactions depending on which part of the valley we were in.

So this week was as interesting as most around here. Big storms (Hail, tree limbs failing), no electricity at school, a coyote attacking the neighbor dog during the night, Uncle Danny scratching a windshield with a brillo pad, Modern Family making the week super special, Paige, you got stung by a scorpion, large spiders crawling behind the washer, non-stop Ava "singing" to her Barbie laptop (this is more like "lalalalalaing" and is beyond cute), and to top it off birthday botox. Your padre looks sooooo much younger now. He was not super happy about me taking him for a facial adventure.

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