Monday, October 11, 2010


This is an awesome pic of you, Miss. A, getting squeezed on a trolley. (1st picture below) You made the best of it. I am (on a daily basis) surprised at how well you do life Ava. You roll with it and when I need to reason with you - you respond with an "ok". Here is a shout out for you,


Speaking of family. Can I say that it feels like we are a ginormous family when outside of Mesa. We get looks like we are the Duggers or something. The comments combined with looks when we go out to eat are not ..............................kind.

Here is my rap for the restaurant people

My money is green
I'm a breeding machine
Don't judge or hate
Just because I like to mate
What What
Tools are for cars
and according to my mother-in-law people who frequent bars have a separate place in heaven.

No, I'm not kidding. She really said that.

I ran into a girl who's blog I frequent. She has the blog

We walked by a really cute family taking a picture and I was like,

Me, "Captain, I read her blog."

Cap, "Why don't you say hi."

Me, "HEY. I read your blog."

Cap, "Really? And you gave me a hard time about the abnormally tall guy?"

Me, "I don't want to come across like a stalker you know."

Cap, " You are pushing a stroller and have a village of children around you. "

Me, "Perspective. Thanks!"

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