Monday, July 18, 2011

1st day

Today was the first day in la pool.  YAAAAAHHHHEEEEHAWWWW.  I'm taking massive amounts of pictures.  

When I asked you guys to take a dump in the back acre in order not to mess up my house, you looked at me with loco eyes.  Is this a weird request?  I think not.  The house was SUPER clean and you my dears-------------------were not.  So, it was a bit interesting when you, #1, took me up on my request just as your Uncle and some random decided to make themselves at home and head on back to where we were.   HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 

What do you mean it is trashy to pee / poo in the yard?  You live in a freaking forest.  Stop stressing.  Animals do it ALLLLLL the time.

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