Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Man-Boy is working out

This is after your first workout sessio'n.  I will keep updating pictures every week.  I LOVE how your arms can't even fit next to your sides - you are so buff it is hard to squeeze them down.  It is also possible that you were so sore it was hard to move.  Dios Mio.

So, yesterday Hell froze over.  Enough to skate on.  I threw on my blades and took a spin on la ice.  It was so much fun I went around a second time.  How, you ask, did it freeze?  Let me explain:

1. I enrolled you and your sister (#2) in a class on how to make animated movies.
2. Remember how you channel Eeyore and everything is kind of a downer lately?
3. You were upset that I put you in the class.  You complained for 2 hours straight prior to setting your precious feet in said class.
4.  You stated, "Next summer I'm enrolling myself in fun classes.  You aren't allowed to put me in any other classes."  To which I said, "Oh young man you are in charge of your attitude."  To which you said, "Pshhhh"  I'm pretty sure that is code for something much more fowl.

So imagine my fake surprise when I pick you up and #2 rushes out the door to say,

"Carter had such a fun time and doesn't want you to know."

Me, "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah  (deep breath)  Hahahahahahahahahahahahah (small fart) AAAAHHHahahahahahahaha"

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