Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear 13 yr old Carter

Hello gorgeous 13 yr old Carter,

You are having a great summer!!  You go to Sunsplash a couple of times a week with friends or your sister.  As of Tuesday you started working out with a trainer - DON THE TRAINER.  He is Am mazzz ing.  Don reminds me of my version of Santa.  The 1st time we met with Trainer Don he told the 3 of us that you will be much taller than tu padre.  It was cool to look over at the two of you and see beaming faces.  You dad is happy that he didn't do you a disservice by breeding with another short person.

Yesterday Trainer Don advised us to get you some new shoes.  SIZE 8 and you will probably shoot past soon since they are just a thumb width big.  HOT DAMN young man; tu padre wears a 9.  Pretty soon you two will be sharing shoes and clothes and that will be HILLLLLARIOUS to me.

As it is stated in my 7th grade yearbook 32 times ----------"STAY COOL"


Your Incubator

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