Wednesday, July 27, 2011

About Last Night

Last night we were sitting with Danny and Sam and Jyl were there.  Typically we look like the above picture. (check out my finger on my forehead.  I'm a thinker people.  I was prob playing scrabble.  It looks very much like I was creating some elixir for Gargamel to use against Papa Smurf whilst they are out collecting berries.)  Last evening was the exception.  We were all chatting and laughing when your Oh so Special Uncle says,

D "I say, I say it is a good thing the bathroom is right there.  (pointing 2 feet away) Once you reach 40 you really can't trust a fart."

Huh Huh.  I look to your dad for clarification.  Yep.  Tis what he said.  Of course your Captain says, 

Captain: "I wonder which nurse had to learn that lesson."

Oh slap me with something soft; your fathery Captain is so freaking funny.  Uncle Danny is laughing in his Chubaca / Dr. Evil sort of way.  He sort of looks down in one of his laughing fits and realizes his underwears are hanging out of his evening gown.

D:  "I say, I say should I cover up my junk."

Holy Hell Daniel.  Junk?  If there were an area of the Special Olympics that involved "inappropriate things one can say."  I would sign you up asap.  

On a side note:  #4 you are beyond into enunciating.  Whenever you wish to say something meaningful you stop - use LARGE hand gestures - and ENUNCIATE the crap out of whatever you are saying.   ie:  "MOMM  ELLIE SAID NOOO YOU CAN'T USE MY CUMERA."  (Dear Grown-up Ava,  Cumera is also known as a camera.  It took me 2 LONG minutes to figure that out.) 

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