Friday, July 8, 2011

Movie Night A la Gnomeo y Juliet AKA Boring y Boring

Ever since we made the back room your den of comfort all of you have been enjoying the big screen en style.  Last night I was wandering the hallway when I stumbled upon a trio of lovelies in laundry basket beds.  Ellie, you totally fashioned some muy comfortable digs for tu hermanas to view Gnomeo y Juliet.  

(Just a side note.  It is a boring / dull / painful movie for adults to watch.  Usually I enjoy some Despicable me or MegaMind.  This movie was a la DULL)

Regardless, you all fancy yourself a little teenage gnome lovin.  

Your "too cool for school" hermano sneakily joined you to watch a la horrible movie.  I went to bed; but it looked as if you all had a blast hanging out and watching the "movie".  

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