Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wee swimsuit show

Your dad has implemented a rule for the new pool.  SPEEDOS.  Yes, all men and small men have to don speedos before entering the water.  We've decided to banish homophobia from our presence and embrace our natural heritage -------- EUROPA.  

Since his body is that of a perfect superstar and his hair is a la Bo and Luke Duke (collective 1982 sigh) I rather enjoy his new rule.  View my pleasure below:  


Alpha Monkey said...

1. That's a pretty hot suit.

2. If you're really going Eurpoa, the ladies will need to go sans tops.

3. I am afraid I can not visit you now!

MamaZ said...

If this rule is to be enforced, please add the addendum point that self-tanner must be applied to the upper thigh area before pool exposure...

Jennifer Babbitt said...

Tru dat. Mama.

Really MAMA? I would have thought Lady Z or BABYZ or PHATZ or Maria Von Z or Kimmz.