Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hey Joe

I was sitting with Danny this morning watching episodes of Gene Simmons reality TV show.  Totally awesome time!  Danny kept grabbing my hand and saying, 

D: "Jen, Thanks for being here."

It was super sweet and also freaking hilarious because every 2 minutes a weird ass noise would come from the other side of the curtain.  Danny has a roommate.  His roommate makes HILLLARIOUSSS noises all day long.  One sounded like,


Every time he makes these noises Danny shouts, "You get it all out Joe?"  or "You ok Joe?"

About 30 minutes into our riveting programing Old Man Joe decided to spank his monkey.  No, I am not kidding.  I hear an eeerreerreerr noise.  I think "Joe" might be trying to cut up his meat on his plate.  I peek around the curtain. No, he is grabbing his meat and being inappropriate.  AHHHHH.  Danny shouts:

D: "You get it all out Joe?"

Is this seriously happening?  

Another 30 minutes later. Danny grabs his stomach and says (laughing)

D: "I am so full."

Me (The only mature grown-up in the freaking room) "Really.  You haven't eaten in 6 days."

D: "Hehehee I know.  I think this liquid is super filling.  Oh Joe, you think so too?"

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