Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Year of the Bear

This summer has been super!! lovely thus far.  Here is a great pic of you guys with one of your besties MS.  DYLAN.  Ellie, when you were 2 you ran around in a spiderman costume for 1 yr straight.  Look at my face darling, "ONE YEAR STRAIGHT".  Let us put this into perspective.  

1.  The costume was spandexy so it grew with you.
2.  You were uber tiny and didn't grow much that year.  This was around the time you were still wearing build a bear workshop clothes.
3.  You wore it with crocs.  One black and one brown one.
4.  There was a matching Mexican wrestling mask that you wore with it. 

So I was a wee bit thrilled when your costume of choice for this season was a bear.  Bears go with whatever the family is wearing soooo much more than superhero does.  I mean brown can really stretch to match any style don't ya think.  

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