Friday, July 8, 2011


We stayed at the Westin Kierland Commons a couple of weeks ago for our summer staycation.  Super good prices $100 per night, great kids lagoony pool area, fun pool side food service, not so fun all staying one room.  

The Longs came up one day to swim and twas a la lovely.  Went to Five guys burgers, In N out, and Baja Fresh for our meals.  This was 1 day following "Skin Cancer Extravaganza Surgery".  Your Pirate DAPAIN (captain y dad - hehehehe) wore his hat the whole time and his bandages.  Twice during our relaxation time some random stranger made a comment like, "Whoa, next time she decides to beat you up get some back-up."  HAHAHA oh stranger you so funny.  We love ourselves some domestic violence jokes.  That would be my version of a joke funny stranger.

Since you, numero 4, love yourself some camera time I devoted a ton of frames to this adorable face.

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